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Medicine is perceived as black and white for the most part. A person does or does not have a broken bone, does or does not have the flu, or is or is not pregnant. However, there are many grays. For example, a person may not have 20/20 vision or may have a small cavity, which we classify as sub-clinical. Treatment may be deferred at this point in time, as the patient is functioning without impairment. Deferring treatment on these conditions may not have a negative effect on the ultimate outcome. Behavioral and mental health, and learning disabilities are unfortunately mostly gray, but even if they are functioning, there is a level of impairment. In addition, deferring treatment may have significant negative effect on outcome. A patient may have the beginnings, or sub-clinical findings, of an anxiety disorder, depression, or social conduct disorder. But the primary care physician does not have the tools to adequately treat this in its early stages, nor do they have an established course of treatment. What the physician is left to do is wait until the patient’s life has begun to fall apart, when they can’t function in school or in society, maintain a relationship, or keep a job. At that point, a patient may have begun treatment, but this is already too late in the process.

Our mission at Integrated Medical Health is to focus on those patients with sub-clinical behavioral and mental health conditions, and learning disabilities, including, but not limited to, ADHD and Eating Disorders; to begin a multifaceted treatment before their lives deteriorate. With an interdisciplinary approach we will customize a single treatment plan, in one location, to treat these conditions before they become debilitating. To find individualized treatment options the deal with the root of the issues rather than simply masking symptoms with medication. Our goal is treatment for many of these issues which have been, until now, ignored.

Areas of Expertise Include:

Adjustment Disorder

 Anger Management 

Anxiety Disorders

Attachment Issues

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Body Image 

Communication Disorders

Conduct Disorder


Eating Disorders

Language Difficulty

Learning Disorders

Overweight and Obesity

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

 Parent/Child Relationships 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Speech Disorders 

Who Are We?

Integrated Medical Care is a small and caring private practice located in the quiet community of Kensington, Brooklyn. We have handpicked a small group of medical professionals that strive to bring the highest quality individualized & comprehensive behavioral health care for all our patients. Our mission is to bring a multidisciplinary integrated approach to insure our patients receive a thorough diagnostic workup and customized treatment plan. Our ultimate goal is to formulate an individualized treatment plan that is specially designed to meet the needs of each patient. 


What is Behavioral Health


The term "behavioral health" includes examining and changing root causes of negative behaviors or stressors that can contribute to disease/chronic illness and physical symptoms, and promoting well-being and healthy behaviors, as well as mental health and substance abuse conditions 

The Evolution of Behavioral Health

The question of how to address mental health issues has existed for many years. Medicine is constantly advancing forward. With the advent of new medical advances, we try to better understand medical conditions; this changes the way we manage and treat patients. Fields that were best equipped in the past to treat certain conditions may no longer be the best option, but some medical professionals will continue to follow the old direction when new paths are being offered. New trends and cultural understandings of mental health have changed mental health treatment standards.

Medicine has not been a “team sport” in the past. But with the advent of the new subspecialists and their contributions to the medical field, the medical world is pushing towards a team care philosophy. 

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How are We Different?

To properly address behavioral health requires the joint effort of various different specialists. Several avenues must be explored and treatment is not going to be the same for every patient with a specific disorder. In reality, in some instances, patients may get lost to follow-up between the long list of practitioners involved, receive redundant diagnostic tests or treatment, receive no concrete diagnosis, and end up getting excessive or inappropriate treatment.

To solve this issue, we have assembled a group of practitioners dedicated to tackling behavioral health using an integrated approach. Working alongside each other, our team discusses patients, runs evaluations in their respective fields, and collaboratively establishes a diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. Additionally, being a small private practice allows us the liberty of giving patients more attention and care according to what best fits their individualized needs. Our practice’s philosophy of patient-centered “team-based care” is a framework of care goals and values to help you. We believe this is the best model to provide optimal comprehensive health care to you and your family.

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