Auditory Processing Testing

Much of childhood development and learning occurs via hearing, so we will ensure that your child's hearing is adequate for communication & educational purposes. Once we establish that their hearing is normal, we offer your child an auditory processing workup: evaluating his/her higher listening skills such as the ability to focus on speech with background noise, short term memory of sounds, understanding rapid/unclear speech, and more. Auditory processing is where hearing meets the brain. We will maximize your child's potential by identifying any underdeveloped listening skills which could be contributing to his/her symptoms, and by focusing our team's treatment efforts correctly.

More Information

Dr. Hadassah (Norowitz) Kupfer is a seasoned audiologist who takes pride in creating custom hearing plans to help each person succeed. She integrates the latest discoveries in hearing research together with a healthy dose of empathy and optimism to yield the best experience for her patients. As a daughter, granddaughter, wife and mother, her outlook helps to shape her practical recommendations for your needs.


Dr. Kupfer also offers comprehensive hearing testing and hearing aid fittings in her private practice, for ages 5 to 120. To learn more about hearing-related disorders and the treatments offered in Dr. Kupfer's convenient Mill Basin location (reserved parking provided), please visit