Our Philosophy

Children become overweight and obese for a number of reasons. It is usually the end result of many different causes, such as poor eating habits, lack of exercise, a behavioral disorder or even a lack of proper nutrition education. Sometimes however it is not something you are doing wrong, rather it is just the nature of your metabolism or genetics. It might not be your fault, but it is something you have to manage for the rest of your life. We believe that an overwhelming majority of weight abnormalities are due to poor nutrition education along with an unhealthy mindset. Our society does not educate our families appropriately when it comes to nutrition education. Coupled with the fact that supermarkets are riddled with easy to make, unhealthy food options, it is the perfect recipe for creating overweight or obese people.  

How Do We Help?

Our experienced registered dietician obtains a complete nutrition assessment about you, including what you eat, your eating habits, and your nutritional status. You will work alongside a behavioral and medical team to help address the potential different causes of your weight abnormality.  Using all the information collected, a nutrition plan is tailored to fit your needs. This can  include medical nutrition therapy (meal plans, nutrition goals), basic nutrition education and/or behavioral counseling.  We  can give you the tools to create a healthy lifestyle now to hone them for a lifetime. 

Nutrition Education Curriculum

Using our unique education curriculum, our registered dietician nutritionist can sit with you and/or your child to teach the basics about the individual food groups and healthy eating habits.  During the sessions you can interact with real food and props to obtain more hands on experience. The content is structured around the classic foods we all see in our local supermarkets. You will gain valuable insight and knowledge that will help you create the optimal healthy meals for your household. Quick fix and short term diets may help you lose weight momentarily, but a proper nutrition education will allow you and your family to maintain a healthy weight and nutritional status for a lifetime.

Indirect Calorimetry

We all have that one friend who can eat a lot more than the average person, but for some odd reason stays thin.  Why can't we all do that? That is because all our metabolisms are different from each other, and looking purely at someones weight, height and lifestyle isn't enough. An Indirect Calorimeter is a non-invasive device that allows us to calculate your precise Resting Metabolic Rate (i.e the number of calories burned without activity). Combined with a complete nutrition assessment, we can provide a customized food plan for you (or your child).