Education & Behavioral Health

Department of Education

The New York State Education Department, Committee on Special Education plays an important role in insuring that children receive related services when they experience difficulties in school. This also applies to children attending private schools.

To receive NYC approved special education services and related services, certain criteria must be met. Not all diagnoses that may impede a child are necessarily covered. 

How We Help

Simplicity to Schools

Integrated Medical Care works with the school staff and parents to simplify the entire process. Our multidisciplinary team is geared towards tackling those diagnoses that are commonly encountered in school settings, such as ASD, ADHD or Dyslexia. We provide everything required for a child with a behavioral disorder to be diagnosed and treated, while performing the evaluations the DOE is looking for to give approvals for therapies. We guide parents throughout the process, keeping the schools involved and informed. 

Collaboration with Teachers

Our experienced psychotherapists collaborate with school staff to increase awareness of behavioral health disorders commonly noticed in school settings. Teachers are educated about common disorders, how to identify them, how to handle them, and to create a system that is healthy for the teacher, student and class. 

Parent Workshop

Behavioral disorders are not active only in school, but in the home as well. Our team provides parent workshops where parents’ are taught valuable parenting skills, such as Learning Boundaries, Mindfulness and Understand Your Anger. Parents are educated about the various disorders that may be affecting their child’s progress in school and how to deal with them.